With an agitated mind, I woke up from my sleep; I had barely slept-as if in a dream I recollected the day’s events. ‘My story, my story….you promised….’  This were the words from a young beautiful lady who was consumed in love, love to a young man who probably knows barely nothing about love despite the occasionally bragging in his inner circle about the large portfolio of this beautiful creation.

Far from this story of the story…but again the initiator of the story happened to be a God’s creation. Am a God’s creation and hence greatly embedded and sandwiched in the story. The desire and the will to forget the story is great but the body is weak, the pen insists on leaving a permanent impression on this scribbling pad.

The story ….no the story of creation, God created everything in the universe for six days, and beholds each day he saw that what he had created was good, very good. Indeed it pleased him.  In this account on the sixth day, the Almighty decided to do things anew, probably he needed to manage the boredom of five days work.  In deed on this day just before breaking into a rest, he intoned, ‘let us create.’ There you are beautifully made in his own likeness, in his beauty and glory. You, as I have come to realize and believe are the soul and the heart of the world and ultimately are the soul of God.

Keep holding my hand, imagine with me and help me recollect my thoughts and the day’s events, or else just watch the event unfold. Ultimately, you might as well decide to take a nap and probably experience this story unfold in your very dream.  Before I could pat his back and bid him goodbye to a peaceful night; this young boy receives a call. You have always been evil minded, your small unexposed mind that probably suffers from lack of global exposure is already guessing… sit back relax, take a sip of the almost cold coffee and let me tell the story. In her prettiness, a beauty to behold, despite how much she craved for those sausages, irrespective of how sexy her voice is, all she managed to say ‘it is over.’ How empty she must have been. She told her predicament in simple words, all she wanted was to be a member of the downtown crew on a Friday evening. How dangerous this would be; fortunately the earthly comforter, tailor, mason, carpenter and designer of broken hearts proved to have amassed a great deal of this, ‘art’, he managed a few strong words and the sobs reduced considerably on the other end as he hang up. My dear brothers and sisters, this was all in the name of love. In the beginning the world was formless and void, in this formlessness, love existed. This love from the Almighty God has defied all odds, endured civilization but unfortunately fallen trap to…

You still there, sitting on the edge of your beautiful seat, day by day it has vowed to faithfully hold your ever increasing weight, you almost giving up because  am yet to tell you about the story of the story of creation , now relax,  forget about the breakfast warming in the oven, this is the story.

This young beautiful lady that I hadn’t told you about is dazzling, appealing to the eyes. I manage a ‘hello, good evening…’ all I get is more than an appealing response, probably appealing to entangle my eyes, mind and even heart. It was never to be, unfortunately. Though full of love, I saw malice in those eyes. They were full of empty love; the imagination of lustful love in those eyes was even more saddening. On awaking from the induced sleep, a smile appeared, she gave it back; this was what He had envisioned when he created this beautiful creature for humankind .in my wild imaginations, there he was ,with no previous experience in front of the beauty of beauties, even He, just watched from a distance, in a slow  motion he made a few steps, lips trebling and in his arms he sandwiched her. Amidst this trebling the lips found their way, they were just lost in the warm world, a world of their own; making a covenant that indeed they were one, that in the trebling lips they would ran for solace… Did I tell you that she was doing some evening duties? The duties might not be important at the moment, but have you had about the dog and the bell? You recall what happens? This is a story for another day but again in this occasion there was salivation and a discourse was creating in the mind of a human being.

My dear friend, she was doing exactly what you stopped doing to read this, in lustful eyes, I saw the emptiness in her heart, I saw under fulfillment in her mind, I saw the suppressed thought, thought to be a better person. The emptiness overshadowed this desires. Lost in my imaginations, I met face to face with the mother, full of sorrow, sorrow for a daughter. She was not in mourning mood, she was just sad not because of the daughter but for that unsuspecting  man who would hold that delicate hand, down an aisle, that young man who would unveil the  gown and make an intimate kiss, a deep kiss…in that kiss he would be lost forever.

I look up to the ceiling and notice the ever glowing bulb, always with renewed energy; I see a smile, a distant one though no energy to reciprocate. Am just lost, probably you lost too; this gives me some solace. The world had proved to be very empty. Human beings had defied all odds and decided to be empty. The human kiss might as well be empty; the likeness envisioned by the creator no longer lives, no longer exists. In the emptiness of this world, I find the emptiness of those who live in it.



  1. The story inside the story is super.. today we live in a wild world where nobody Care’s.. everyone is concerned with earthly wealth n av forgotten it belongs to the Creator.. emptiness;greed;ignorance lead’s the line;God have mercy.


  2. Love is a desire that is ingrained within every individual that seeks to love and to be loved. And in the absence of it, the emptiness is created which many seek to fill awkwardly, often ending in destruction and more emptiness…


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