My adventure wish – just for you

‘No content’ read a message from one of my to-be readers, I looked at the message once more to ascertain the contents…composed myself and managed to resend my story once more. I knew deep down in my heart that I have just lost one of my readers, nevertheless I resolved not to be bothered for I had lost most of them in the series of emptiness of love, darkness of love and even in the dance floor in a performance led by the mighty dance king. In simple words, they could neither keep up with the rhythm, the dance style, the moves nor the slay queens on the floor who were all on duty to pay homage to their dance king. The slay queens were simply out of their leagues.

It is a bright Monday morning, the first day of the year. I am well aware that you are all receiving the new year’s best wishes messages and even gifts, unfortunately am quite sure you have no ability to read the contents of this wishes for reasons well-known to you. You will rise up a few minutes to midday with an acute headache, you will yawn, take a glassful of cold water, request for another one yet the headache won’t depart. You lie back on your bed and try to recollect last nights events; you will definitely recall the fireworks, the deafening sound and more so the beautiful skies at the moment. The new year had just been ushered in, you decided to take a stroll to town promising mum that you need to just have a silent walk in town and that you won’t be late to get home. They try to let you know that it is not important and might not be safe to walk alone in the city streets, all in all you have made up your mind and nothing could change the fact that you need a walk…you know deep down in your heart that you are not interested in the walk and this reminds of the entrance fee that you had to pay…all the other details are very vague save for the frequent images of three ladies that really made your night on the dance floor. You walk to your reading table, a ten-shilling coin lies there, you try to arrange the table, goes under the table nevertheless this was the only saving from the night. Your heart is tortured and you sit down distressed with a paper and a pen ready to do what you have always done for the past seven years; drafting new resolutions.

Let me not bother you with the contents of the dance floor my dear brother, the no content comment and tell you of a bright light behind the clouds as the sun sets ready to rise the next day in all its majesty (probably you could have this as an AOB in your resolutions). Again, it sounds sweet asking for more popcorn to keep you going as you await the mighty performance of the dance king, awaiting the slay moments of the slay queens.

Down the path of our previous years’ experiences where we have always made resolutions, lived them a few days and then abandoned or even forgot them for the better part of the year. Just learn one thing, that is the reality and reality is not an actual science… you possibly will trend the same path of darkness. Please live each day to its totality and endeavour to experience the fullness of life. Go for that which makes you happy, always listen and follow your heart but only give your mind a chance of reason. From experience, it is good to reason out but it is most important to just give in to your heart for the heart is who you are and it ultimately communicates with the soul.

One more thing, as you receive the ‘happy new year’ greetings, I would like to wish you a year full of adventure. May you trend through the green plains, may you find all your needs in these pastures but may comfort never find you here that you may climb up the hill, make new paths in the thickets and talk with the trees on your way up. May these trees teach you the importance of life and the joy of growing on the mountains. May you learn the meaning of true friendship from these trees and the creepers.

Surely, in the search of your dreams and treasures you will get to the hill-top or even the mountain peak if you dare to dream and more so dare to do it. The desire for more adventure shall force you down the other side of the hill, the beautiful horizon will never let you rest on the peak, you will climb down that hill with great ease, a smile on your lips and happiness in your heart, having known how the hill. The valley and the adjacent plains shall be pleasing to your eyes and you shall tell yourself, your heart; come, be at peace and make merry for the land of promise has surely been delivered to you. You will forget the talk with the trees, you will forget the fruits that sustained you…the smile shall depart from your lips at the climax of merry-making and you will know that in life, you are just alone with your soul and heart, with your maker and more so the people you least expect to be with you will be by your side. You will ultimately make merry to its climax, only listening to your heart and thus living life to its very totality.

This just an AOB for your resolution list. Kindly ink it! Live life to its totality- give it some content.

(Kindly drop your main resolution for this year, probably we could as well create a master resolution together. Drop this at the comments sections)

Happy new year……

14 thoughts on “My adventure wish – just for you

  1. I really appreciate so much for this adventure wish for me. It’s so so much inspiring the way this wish has been designed. It’s also so much educative and so uplifting.
    One thing I have learnt is to listen to my heart and to live life to its very totality .
    Rslns :to only have the adventure with the friends who are meaningful to me.
    To think of the effects of the things I really want to involve myself with,in order to avoid regrets……


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